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When many people engage in a new landscaping project, they often remember that irrigation needs to keep the greenery well-watered. What gets overlooked too often, however, is a yard or lawn’s ability to drain properly.

If you’ve noticed your plants or lawn suffering lately or have witnessed pools of water forming in your yard or other landscaped areas, you’re going to want to talk to the expert team at Vision Green Landscape about their lawn drainage services.

Why You Need Lawn Drainage Services

As much as your lawn and plants require water to thrive, too much water can be as harmful as not enough. If there are areas around your yard or property where you’re finding pools of water—possibly due to high water tables, low soil permeability, or a lack of a grade in your yard—the landscaping you’ve invested so much in could end up ruins.

Beyond that, insufficient drainage along your home or building’s foundation walls can lead to water leaking into basements and crawlspaces, causing potentially serious damage.

Let’s break down the various issues concerning yard or lawn drainage.

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Standing Water

Not only do standing pools of water leads to dangerous, slippery surfaces, but they can drown your lawn. When water fills the soil gaps and covers the grass, this cuts off the oxygen supply to your grass and suffocates it.

Disease Caused By Fungus

When too much water damages your lawn, it can cause grass roots to rot and become susceptible to disease. What you see as yellow patches in your yard could be a sign of this. Once fungus sets in, you’re left with little option other than to reseed the dead patches in the fall and hope the problem is solved by next year.

Shallow Root Growth

When there is too much water near the surface, grass roots don’t have to go far below the surface to find water. As a result, they’re less able to handle drier conditions, leading to dead brown patches later. As a result, the yard’s owner is tempted to overwater in response to the brown patches.

Prone To Disease And Insects

A lawn with a shallow root system becomes overly stressed, making it more susceptible to damage from insects and disease. To control insects, a yard can sometimes get overtreated with chemicals as a response.

More Weeds

Constant overwatering of a lawn can encourage hard-to-kill weeds to grow. These are the opposite of what you’re looking for when it comes to maintaining a healthy, luscious lawn.

Loss Of Nutrients

With too much water, the nutrients so critical to lawn health get washed away before they can be absorbed through the root system.

Excessive Fertilizer Needs

To offset the loss of nutrients, owners end up using additional fertilizer to make up the difference to keep the greenery staying green and alive.

Groundwater Pollution

Water has to go somewhere eventually. Excess moisture in a yard ends up joining the wastewater system, carrying surface pollutants such as pet waste, fertilizers, and other lawn maintenance chemicals.

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The Solution to Poor Drainage

It’s easy, in most cases, to avoid overwatering. When you have less control—such as times of heavy rainfall—you can still find solutions to your lawn care issues with the addition of natural drainage.

By changing the landscaping and adding drains to the yard, the trained experts at Vision Green Landscape will funnel water away from your plants, lawn, and home. They can also look at your gutters and downspouts to see how those could be adjusted to redirect roof water away from your yard and into dry wells or subsurface drains.

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The team at Vision Green Landscape can examine your water flow situation and find the best solution to channel the water where it needs to be. Every lawn and yard is different. Vision Green Landscape’s solutions are tailored to fit every individual need.

Don’t let standing water, overwatering, or poor drainage ruin the hard work you have put into your yard, lawn, and landscaping. Contact Vision Green Landscape today for expert lawn drainage services. 704.910.1941


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