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Waxhaw Landscape Designers

The town of Waxhaw is known for its fine dining, history, and antiques. But it’s also a city that takes great pride in its beautiful homes and well-kept landscapes. At Vision Green, we’re proud to serve the Waxhaw community as the area’s number one landscaping, hardscapes, and lawn maintenance service. We’re just as passionate about your lawn and landscape as you are, and we can’t wait to beautify your home. We offer the best landscaping services in the 28173 area, so call us, and we’ll give you nothing less.

Shine Light on Your Landscape

So, you’re looking to enhance your landscape. Where should you start? When you want to increase safety, improve aesthetics, and boost the value of your home or business, you begin with landscape lighting. At Vision Green, we believe that creating a truly unique nighttime atmosphere is an art that requires a creative touch and a mind toward functionality.

We’ll work with you to create a design that shows off your home’s unique features. We strategically plan around each walkway, patio, pool, deck, staircase, walkway, fountain, and more. Accent lighting architecture creates a more professional, relaxing look for any home or business and keeps the environment safe for your family and guests after dark.

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Dream Big with Beautiful Hardscapes

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a patio, walkway, or brickwork or want to brainstorm a design and start from scratch, Vision Green is here for you. Our team of expert hardscape technicians offers full-service installation, design, and maintenance to increase both function and aesthetics of your landscape. We even design urns, fountains, waterfalls, and fire pits to add to the beauty of your Waxhaw home.

Grading, Draining, and Irrigation Services

Landscaping is much more than just beautifying the lawn. Professional grading and leveling services can improve water drainage, prevent erosion, and increase the level of uniformity and the overall look of a space. We use industry best practices and equipment to level your yard, including lawn rollers and grass seed. Grading is also crucial in constructing an outbuilding or installing a new driveway.

No matter how much work you put into your lawn, it will look and feel like swampland if it isn’t properly draining. Poor drainage near your home’s foundation can lead to long-term problems caused by water in your basement or crawlspace. On the other hand, proper drainage and irrigation can increase plant and lawn health, eliminate pooling water, and prevent damage to your valuable landscape. At Vision Green, we add drains to the yard, change the landscape, and install gutters and downspouts to reduce drainage problems.

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Retaining Wall Installation in Waxhaw, NC

Very few things, like a retaining wall, add functionality and aesthetics to a landscape. Vision Green offers various wooden, concrete, and masonry retaining walls. Different materials meet design and budget needs, including durability, look, and function. The experts at Vision Green can work with you to design and install a professional retaining wall that is long-lasting and complements your landscape.

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