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Charlotte Outdoor Kitchens

Charlotte homeowners are fortunate enough to have excellent outdoor conditions all year round. And what better way to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine than with an outdoor kitchen?

Imagine having all your cooking equipment, utensils, and amenities right outside to use whenever you feel like it. That’s what we can provide with our world-class outdoor kitchen designs!

Whether you are an occasional griller or a professional chef, you will appreciate the satisfaction and convenience of having an outdoor kitchen. You can quickly cook a considerable breakfast, prepare a quick lunch, or even prepare a full-course dinner.

Best of all, you can do all that without having to slave over a hot stove in a cramped, stifling kitchen! And trust us: once you realize how much more enjoyable an outdoor kitchen is, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!

Our designs ensure that you will want to use your outdoor kitchen as much as possible. We adopt a personalized approach to every project, so you get a custom kitchen that suits your needs and preferences. Furthermore, every aspect will be optimized to match your existing home and outdoor space.

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Specializing in Outdoor Landscape & Design

Vision Green Landscape has a team of dedicated kitchen design specialists, each with many years of professional experience. Our designers and builders are familiar with every aspect of home and interior design, having worked on some of the most impressive culinary spaces in Charlotte and the neighboring areas.

Whether you are looking for an outdoor kitchen that rivals the best indoor facilities or want us to design your cooking space from scratch, we will happily accommodate your every request. We welcome your suggestions and custom designs to ensure you get the kitchen you have always dreamed of.

We take special pride in using only the finest products, accessories, and kitchen fixtures available on the market. We have partnered with some of the leading kitchen supply providers globally, and the quality and range of our products are second to none. Even so, we ensure that you get the best possible value for your money so that you can have a world-class kitchen without a huge price tag.

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Do You Need An Outdoor Kitchen Designer?

An outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to improve your quality of life. No matter how much you enjoy your kitchen setup, having a dedicated outdoor space for your meal creation will make your cooking experience more fun and rewarding.

Of course, you can use your kitchen for more than just meal preparation. Think of it as an additional space for leisure and socialization. Add a bar, a wine cooler, and some comfortable chairs, and you can have the pleasure of friends and family to keep you company. You can even add heating and cooling features as needed to create a relaxing space that combines the best of the indoors and the outdoors!

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