Why Aerate Your Lawn?


Aeration of your lawn lets’ your lawns breathe by reducing soil compaction and allowing oxygen to reach the root system. Aeration tines penetrate the soil and eject soil cores onto the surface where they break down by providing your lawn nutrients.

Vision Green Landscape professionals can recognize and treat the following; vegetation diseases, insect infestation, and weed varieties recommending proper maintenance practices to help benefit from our scheduled lawn care applications. Your six scheduled applications for the year will include the following:

How does Aeration help my lawn?

  1. Lawn Aeration Removes 50 percent of thatch.
  2. Watering savings up to 60 percent. (Water is able to penetrate the ground and go straight to roots.
  3. Provides root zone with oxygen.
  4. Stimulates root growth. Allowing roots direct absorption of nutrients and fertilizer
  5. Encourages roots to grown down versus sideways.
  6. Helps defend your lawn against drought and weeds.
  7. Promotes thicker, healthier greener lawns.
  8. Promotes new grass growth.
  9. Reduces Compaction loosens compacted Soil.
  10. Drought Resistant: Grass will be able to access water a deeper level.
  11. Makes your soil healthy promoting a healthy lawn.
  12. Aeration is recommended for over seeding for optimal results.
  13. How often to aerate my Lawn
  14. We recommend once annually. No more than three times annually.

When do you aerate your Lawn
Early Spring Early Fall or both.

How to Prepare for Lawn Aeration
Have lawn-mowed low, water the night or morning before for good core penetration. Irrigations system head should be marked with flags. This will ensure them form being damaged.

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