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Landscaping Services in Uptown Charlotte

Vision Green was founded here in Charlotte, and if there’s something we know about our community, they take great pride in their homes and landscapes. We’re ready to work alongside Uptown Charlotte home and business owners to give them the landscape they’ve always dreamed of. We’re passionate, deeply knowledgeable, and put our customers first. We provide all your services for a beautiful, healthy long-term landscape.

Landscape Lighting for Safety and Appeal

Landscape lighting is one of the few services that can show off the beauty of your Uptown Charlotte landscape, add an extra layer of safety for guests and homeowners, and instantly boost the value of your home or business. At Vision Green, we analyze your property’s whole to bring out the best features and strategically place lighting for maximum effect and safety.

Whether you want to emphasize a feature of your home like a pond, deck, patio, staircase, or pool or cast light on the point of safety like a garage door, front door, or walkway, our lighting specialists can get it done. Installation is fast and straightforward, and our high-quality lighting products minimize energy costs and maximize bulb life.

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Hardscapes add Function and Aesthetics to Uptown Charlotte Homes.

Have you always wanted a fountain in your yard? How about an expertly crafted stone fire pit? We sit down and listen to your needs to build an outdoor living area you’ll love to spend time in, whether relaxing with a book or entertaining guests.

We use high-quality natural stone and organic materials to create a breathtaking aesthetic. Even brick and concrete structures look entirely natural. So whether you want to add dimension with a waterfall or an urn for the character, we’ll work with you to create the perfect look.

Drainage, Grading, and Irrigation for a Healthy Landscape

Nothing turns off home and business owners like standing water and foul-smelling, rotten plants. Vision Green improves the landscape by adding drains, funneling water away from your plants and home, and redirecting water from downspouts. Irrigation improves the health of plants and brings life back to withered lawns. More importantly, poor drainage can damage walls near your home’s foundation, so don’t delay in having it corrected.

Grading is an essential tool in improving a space’s overall look and function. For example, grading can make way for a new driveway, level an area for a garden, or prepare space for an outbuilding. Our experienced team can tackle even the hardest grading projects with the industry’s best tools and high-quality materials.

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Expertly Constructed Retaining Walls

Whether you’re looking to prevent soil erosion, protect plants and gardens, create a pathway, or add depth and character to your Uptown Charlotte home or business, a retaining wall is an excellent choice.  Vision Green offers beautiful wooden, concrete, and masonry retaining walls to fit your needs and budget. We’re ready to come directly to you to discuss the right options and strategies to meet your needs.  So contact  Vision Green today to get started on the landscape of your dreams.

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